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My Commitments to You


Ready to lead and dedicated to you. This is the reason I entered the race for City Council, District Six. I have spent over 13 years loving, serving, and growing in this community.  My background is a unique combination of business, civic engagement and youth development.  I care about ensuring a vital quality of life across every generation in Knoxville.  Together, we can strive for a stronger 6th district. Join me in delivering on the promise of Economic Vitality, Educational Excellence, and Safety across the district.

My commitment makes you a priority as follows.


Economic Vitality

I commit to the Economic Vitality of the district. We will increase economic development and earning potential by creating jobs in the district. This will include increasing entrepreneurship and attracting new development to the area.


Educational Excellence

I commit to the Educational Excellence of our children and youth in the district. In partnership with students, parents, teachers, the school board, and superintendent, I will work relentlessly to support academic achievement and expose youth to community service, college and career opportunities.


Safety for All

I commit to the Safety of all District Six residents. I seek to build a community where all residents feel secure and our children, youth and families have the best opportunity to live and grown in a healthy, nurturing environment.


Together, we will create a Stronger Six district and ultimately, a Stronger City.


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